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  • How can I pay for my order?

We currently offer 2 (two) methods of payment:

◆ You can choose to pay for your order via the payment sollution offered in our webstore - MakeCommerce. We recommend choosing this method as it's the fastest way to pay for your order and have it continue it's path towards delivery;

 As a second option, you can also choose to "Receive advance invoice (for payment via your prefered provider)", therefore you can choose to pay said invoice via whichever payment platform you would prefer.
Important to note: The creation of advance invoice can at longest take up to 2 (two) working days!


  • What are the delivery options and their pricing?

At the current moment we offer 3 (three) way for you to receive your order:

 Self-pickup (free);
 Delivery to DPD or Omniva parcel machines;
 Courier delivery.

For the free self-pickup we ask you to schedule the desired time and day by calling: +371 28341529 or via email: info@apimi.lv. Pickup currently is available in these addresses:

 In our manufacturing facility: “Pils”, Ineši, Vecpiebalgas nov., LV-4123.

Order can be received at your closest DPD or Omniva parcel machine anywhere in Latvia. Delivery costs:

 3,00* EUR – in Latvia.
*Important to note: for orders over 30,00 EUR – we will cover the delivery fee for this method of delivery. EXCEPTION - during periods of big discounts, free delivery for purchases over 50 EUR.

Courier delivery pricing:

 5,00 EUR - in Latvia;
 15,00 EUR - in Europe;
 30,00 EUR - rest of the World.


  • How long will it take for the order to be shipped?

We strive to enable the products you ordered to begin their way to you as soon as possible! In short: orders are packaged and shipped within 1-2 (one to two) working days.

In a more elaborate breakdown:

If you order on a workday whithin our working hours and you pay via the payment tool provided in our web-store, we will try our utmost to package the order in the same day*, so that the next morning we could transfer it over to the courier and it could begin it's journey to you;
*Important to note: even though we wish that and will do everything in our power, so that the products you ordered begin their journey to you as soon as possible - depending on the time we receive your order, current workload at the given day and time, other plans and activities planned for the day we can't guarantee that even if the order is placed within our working hours that it'll be packaged in the same day and shipped early next morning.

If the order is placed outside of our working hours or on a weekend and you pay via the payment tool provided in our web-store, then the order will be packaged and shipped withing 1-2 (one to two) working days;

And in the case you picked "Receive advance invoice (for payment via your prefered provider)" as your method of payment when finalizing the order, then the order will be packaged and shipped according to the timelines provided in the previous points starting from the moment we'll have received your payment in our bank account or your will have sent an official bank statement portraying the completion of payment to our email: info@apimi.lv


  • How can I return or exchange my order?

If the product ordered is unopened, was damaged in shipping or doesn't match the product ordered - it is possible to return or exchange it within 14 (fourteen) days from the day you received it. Returning shipping costs are covered by the buyer. To receive the form for product return or exchange please inquire by writting to our email: info@apimi.lv.


  • What are the differences between "Apimi Hand cream with honey for men" and "Apimi Hand cream with honey"?

The only difference is the fragrance they contain! The one for men contains a delicate, yet manly fragrance to it. Excluding the difference in aroma, it provides the same great qualities as the regular one - caring and moisturizing your skin, has a quick absorption speed and doesn't leave a oily feeling on your hands.


  • For how many uses are the propolis and beeswax applications intended?

The qualities provided by both the propolis and beeswax applications are expected to last for at least 20 (twenty) uses. It is important to note, that there will be a natural decline in the aroma emitted and the effectiveness provided by them with each use, but the heating procedures will be nonetheless be effective for said 20 (twenty) times at least.
You can read more about them in our blog post (LV): https://apimi.lv/blogs/news/propolisa-un-bisu-vaska-sildosas-aplikacijas


  • Where could I obtain more information regarding a specific product?

Information regarding each specific product can be found on our website both in English and Latvian by clicking on them in our webstore. For some of the products you can also find blog posts dedicated to them - if the specific product has such, you will be able to find hyperlinks to them in the bottom of said product description.
If you have any other questions about the products that weren't answered in their respective product descriptions, feel free to reach out to us and we will do our utmost to answer your inquiries: info@apimi.lv.